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October 26, 2007


Thejesh GN

javafxpad.jnlp is not signed. I am getting security warning!

Jim Weaver


Wow. That behavior in your screenshot is bizarre. I'm going to write a post shortly that discusses downloading the Project OpenJFX code, including JavaFXPad, to run locally. I'll be interested if the behavior on your machine improves when running JavaFXPad locally instead of via JNLP.

Regarding the cut and paste from this blog's code samples into JavaFXPad -- I'll see if there's a better way to represent code in this blog software that includes linefeeds.



I have run the demo again. This time the FXPad and the canvas on the desktop where not repainting like in this image . After about 20-30 seconds (may depend of moving other windows on top of FXPad) the FXPad window and the canvas is repainting (although the canvas is not painted correctly). I call the canvas the rectangle in the left up corner of the screenshot.

Putting another piece of code in the FXPad will work ok but will not remove the painted "canvas" from the desktop:

Other minor issue:
Copy pasting code from current blog page get's on a single line in the FXPad. Posting from is ok.

Thank you,

Jim Weaver


Out of curiosity, did you/could you try that again and see if you get the same results?

Jim Weaver

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