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October 27, 2007



Hi Burner,

I had a question..?I am learning JavaFX and trying to do TableRendering example over on JavaFX.I am not able to render the component into TableCell.
>(); .
The TableCell is rendering the components to Table using above class.That class contains addCell(),updateCell()...,These methods are doing rendering of text into Table.I want that exact implementation of above class(>(); ) code.Can you please help me how to do that.

Actually this question is not related to your topic.But i am not knowing how to send this to you.That's why i am posting this.Any ways i am expecting a reply from you.



Thanks for posting the link to this blog on the JavaFX mailing list. The JavaFX community can really use dedicated websites provided valuable information on JavaFX (Script & Mobile) that is kept up to date.

I compiled a bunch of JavaFX Script links on my site, http://www.codecraig.com


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