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November 14, 2007


James Weaver

Nice work, Craig! By the way, if the application had a menu, detecting the Delete key could be accomplished as shown in the following snippet from the JavaFX Script book:

MenuItem {
text: "Delete Word"
mnemonic: D
accelerator: {
keyStroke: DELETE
enabled: bind not wgModel.fillLettersOnGrid
action: operation() {

Jim Weaver


Jim, I came up with a solution for deleting an item from the ListBox when the user hits the "Delete" key....not sure how this code is going to look in the comment, but here it goes:

import javafx.ui.*;
import java.lang.System;

class ListBoxModel {
attribute entries:String*;
attribute selIndex:Number;
attribute ListBoxModel.entries = [];

Frame {
var model =
ListBoxModel {
selIndex: 0
var elementTextField =
TextField {
columns: 12
var theListBox =
ListBox {
fixedCellWidth: 200
cells: bind foreach(entry in model.entries)
ListCell {
text: entry
selection: bind model.selIndex
toolTipText: "Select an item and hit the delete key to remove it"
operation(e:KeyEvent) {
if (e.keyStroke == DELETE:KeyStroke and model.selIndex > -1) {
delete model.entries[model.selIndex];


title: "Bind ListBox to Sequence Puzzler"
BorderPanel {
FlowPanel {
content: [
Button {
text: "Add Element"
defaultButton: true
operation() {
insert elementTextField.value into model.entries;
elementTextField.value = "";
toolTipText: "Add an element"
FlowPanel {
width: 400
height: 250
visible: true

I did a couple things to make this work. I added an attribute to the model named, "selIndex" which gets bound to the "selection" attribute of the ListBox. Then I implemented the "onKeyDown" function in the ListBox which handles deleting the element out of the model.

Finding the "DELETE:KeyStroke" was a bit tricky, I did some Googling and came across another post where someone demonstrated using "RIGHT:KeyStroke" and "LEFT:KeyStroke" to determine if the Left or Right keys were pressed, so I figured "DELETE" might be what I needed, and it was :)

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