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November 01, 2007


Jim Weaver

Looks like we have two winners, as the first entry was correct, but the second entry took into account inheritance, which causes the public attributes from the inherited classes to be part of the Text class. Congratulations to both John and codecraig!

Jim Weaver


Maybe the first 3 can get the book..:)?


public alignment: Alignment

public content: String

public editable: Boolean
public font: Font

public x: Number

public y: Number


DO you want all of the ones just defined in Text, or all the public attributes it will have (also from inheritance)?

Here is the complete list...

from javafx.ui.canvas.Transformable
public transform : Transform

from javafx.ui.canvas.Node
public canAcceptDrop: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasDropEvent):Boolean?
public clip: Clip?
public currentHeight: Number
public currentWidth: Number
public currentX: Number
public currentY: Number
public cursor: Cursor?
public dragCount: Number
public exportAsDrag: function():javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasDragEvent
public exportDrag: Boolean
public filter: Filter*
public focusable: Boolean
public focused: Boolean
public halign: HorizontalAlignment?
public hover: Boolean
public id: String?
public isSelectionRoot: Boolean
public onDragEnter: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasDropEvent):*?
public onDragExit: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasDropEvent):*?
public onDrop: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasDropEvent):*?
public onKeyDown: function(javafx.ui.KeyEvent):*?
public onKeyTyped: function(javafx.ui.KeyEvent):*?
public onKeyUp: function(javafx.ui.KeyEvent):*?
public onMouseClicked: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasMouseEvent):*?
public onMouseDragged: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasMouseEvent):*?
public onMouseEntered: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasMouseEvent):*?
public onMouseExited: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasMouseEvent):*?
public onMouseMoved: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasMouseEvent):*?
public onMousePressed: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasMouseEvent):*?
public onMouseReleased: function(javafx.ui.canvas.CanvasMouseEvent):*?
public opacity: Number?
public toolTipText: String?
public valign: VerticalAlignment?
public visible: Boolean
public fillRule: FillRule

from javafx.ui.canvas.Shape
public outline: Boolean

from javafx.ui.canvas.Text
public alignment: Alignment
public content: String
public editable: Boolean
public font: Font?
public x: Number
public y: Number

did i win :)

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