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November 15, 2007


James Weaver

The book has been available as a PDF download at http://www.apress.com/book/view/1590599454 for a few weeks, and paperbacks should be shipping very soon. It is based upon the interpreted (current) version of JavaFX. The compiled version of JavaFX is still in flux, and when the first milestone release is available, I will quickly update the book. The Apress "firstPress" brand is geared toward this purpose, in that the eBook can be made available quickly, and the paperback is typically "print on demand". I have been involved in providing input to the JavaFX compiler development team, and am currently assisting in the testing efforts, so the process of updating the book should go very quickly.

By the way, the UI libraries won't change much in the first release of the compiled version -- only some of the syntax of the language. Please see the "Putting My CTO Hat On" post http://learnjavafx.typepad.com/weblog/2007/10/putting-my-cto-.html for my company's plans for use of the current version, and the compiled version, of JavaFX Script.


Will your book reflect the syntax changes? I notice publication date has been pushed back; maybe you are feverishly modifying examples?

James Weaver

I agree, Craig. From monitoring the threads in the JavaFX Script mailing list, it's clear that they are diligently trying to simplify the syntax.


I am excited about some of the syntax changes, especially the switch to using "function" instead of "operation" or "function. I also like the new, more Java like, variable initialization!

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