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December 28, 2007



i like this part of the blog:"Please also note the toString() function in this example. When you use an object reference in a String, the toString() function is automatically called. Here, I've overridden the default toString() function to make it easy to print its contents in the desired format." is very good

rodrigo salado anaya

this is the link: http://www.javamexico.org/blogs/rodrigo_salado_anaya/no_need_setters_and_constructors_compiled_javafx_script

Thanks.. =)

rodrigo salado anaya

I transcribed the example (1.2 version) in www.javamexico.org, if they have a problem, I will remove it immediately. thanks :)

James Weaver

"thanks I was looking for such a article, but how can you create custom getter is a way c# or flex does it"


You can create functions such as getVariableName() if needed. setVariableName() is unnecessary because of "on replace" triggers. To the extent that you can, it is best to keep the state of a public variable updated so that the getVeriableName() is not required. I agree that sometimes this is not practical.

Jim Weaver

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