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January 22, 2008


Jim Weaver

Naoto Sato,

And thank you for the great work on the proposal. I like the simple and powerful approach that you took.

Naoto Sato

Thank you for turning the proposal into this blog entry!

Jim Weaver

Jim (Jacques?) Weaver


"Bag the GridBag" = "Mettez le GridBag dans un sac"
"Options" = "Options"
"Favorites..." = "Favoris..."
"Favorite Things" = "Choses Préférées"
"First Name:" = "Prénom :"
"Last Name:" = "Nom :"
"Favorite Band:" = "Groupe Préféré :"
"Favorite Movie:" = "Film Préféré :"
"OK" = "OK"

Thanks you for your work on this blog!

Did from France.

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