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January 31, 2008


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Derek Sheridan

Jim Weaver


There was a misprint in the article: Here is the correct code. The article will be correct shortly:

* HelloCompiledJavaFX.fx - A "Hello World" style, but slightly more
* sophisticated, compiled JavaFX Script example
* Developed 2008 by James L. Weaver (jim.weaver at lat-inc.com)
* to serve as a compiled JavaFX Script example.
package mypackage;

import javafx.ui.*;
import javafx.ui.canvas.*;

Frame {
title: "Hello Rich Internet Applications!"
width: 550
height: 200
background: Color.WHITE
visible: true
BorderPanel {
FlowPanel {
Button {
text: "Click Me"
function():Void {
MessageDialog {
title: "JavaFX Script Rocks!"
// This string has a newline in the source code
message: "JavaFX Script is Simple, Elegant,
and Leverages the Power of Java"
visible: true
Canvas {
Text {
Font {
faceName: "Sans Serif"
style: FontStyle.BOLD
size: 24
x: 20
y: 40
stroke: Color.BLUE
fill: Color.BLUE
content: "JavaFX Script Makes RIA Development Easy"

Terra (Hisao Terasawa)

My apologies. I shouldn't be bothering you with the JavaFX compiler's problem. I posted the same question on OpenJFX forum. I can hardly wait for the JavaFX compiler available. Thanks a lot.

Terra (Hisao Terasawa)

I wasted little time in doing the tutorial. But, I couldn't compile the Code Sample 1 in that article(:_;)
The JavaFX compiler, which I obtained as following the direction of the tutorial, output same messages "line 56:0 rule RBRACE failed predicate: { !BraceQuoteTracker.rightBraceLikeQuote(CUR_QUOTE_CTX) }?" infinitely.
My Java version is jdk1.5.0_11. If you know the cause, please help me. I was looking forward eagerly to use JavaFX Compiler.

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