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March 27, 2008


Peter Pilgrim

Great Example, Jim. I just used it to test in the NetBeans IDE 6.1. I noticed that the Preview / FXPad mode is unavailable from the IDE. Is this mode no longer available?

Jim Weaver

I agree that this is a trivial example. The purpose of many of the examples in this weblog are meant to teach concepts. Please see the Freebase Browser post for an example (albeit in interpreted JavaFX Script) of a more fully featured application, that communicates using JSON protocol with a server:

Also, here is a simpler example of talking to the same server (freebase.com) that shows the compiled JavaFX Script code:


As a developer, if I'm going to use JavaFX and recommend to my clients, it better do something substantially better than what people normally do with plain old HTML + JavaScript.

This kind of thing is pretty trivial do do with JavaScript or alm ost any GUI toolset.

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