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March 09, 2008


Jim Weaver


My next post is going to be about creating JavaFX applets with the Technology Preview Release of the JavaFX SDK which is different that the technique shown in this post. Please watch for it and let me know if you have any questions.

David Mendez Lopez

Hello! Great blog, congrats!
I just have a little problem. I'm getting a ClassNotFoundException for javafx.ui.Applet from the appletviewer and from the firefox java console everytime I try to run an Applet. I can run any other javafx app, but applets seem to have a problem.
I can compile it with no problem and I'm putting the javafx*.jar, and Scenario.jar in the correct directory and specifying them in the applet tag in the html file.
I have the JRE 6 update 6.

Hope I'm not annoying you.

Many Thanks



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