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April 16, 2008


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Okay, I'm feeling all Will Smith in Six Degrees with this question, so
I'm signing off. Thanks for the full complement and I look forward to
working with you in the future.

Again, best of luck on the project!


Hi Jim,

I am also getting the same sorts of errors as goddard despite following the compiler steps. So it can't find the imported packages? Could you shed any light on this.



this doesn't work when i paste it into javafx pad.
public attribute x2Val = 100;
gives me "encountered = at line 13"

also.... can you put the applet instead of the image? then i wouldn't have to copy/paste the code, but could just play with it...


Dear James :
I am a reader of your book. I have a problem that i encountered. I want to have a table that with the editable tablecells, but i can't found any API for this. Would you please help me to find out the sulotion?

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