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August 17, 2008



Good example of a JavaFX table that doesn't use Swing. Do you have updated TableNode.fx code that will compile successfully with JavaFX 1.2?

Mykola Golubyev

Hi, I'd been hitting your blog through google during all my last JavaFX searches. You wrote nice posts. I just wonder why you call variable like 'temp'? I suppose all our local variables are temp. What's the point? If you can't name a thing -- throw it out.

James Weaver

"Your weblog is really good but, like Shahid, I can't get the code to compile, much less execute.

I've got a fairly large Java Swing client application that uses JDBC to connect to a remote database. It needs to be "jazzed up" and I think JavaFX is the answer. I certainly haven't found anything else (Flex/Air may not be present on various desktops; LOBO and Cobra don't render HTML very well and other "solutions" are platform-specific [i.e., Windows]).

But I'm kind of frustrated that there is so little documentation available for the FX platform. Without doing much digging I understood that the language syntax must have changed since you first built these components. Do you have plans to update. And why, oh why, didn't Sun implement some common widgets like tabbed panes and tables (even if the ones offered were only very generic)? I want to build something flashy like the Tesla example, but I don't see the source for that either.

(Have your JavaFX Script book and eagerly awaiting your new one). Thanks!"

The new book is coming along well and is due to be published before JavaOne 2009. Regarding the TableNode code, I am in the process of migrating the code for the JFX Custom Node series in this blog to JavaFX SDK 1.0. By the way, Stephen Chin (a co-author of the new JavaFX book) has created a JavaFX SDK 1.0 cheat sheet for migrating from Technical Preview. See the following blog post:

Regarding Sun implementing common widgets, I think that they will do that in future releases, but I'd like to see some community efforts to that end as well. Here's a link to one that is just starting up:

Jim Weaver

James Weaver

"I tried your tableNode program on NetBeans ID 6.5. However, I couldn't run it. Initially there were so many exception that I realised because of some syntax has been changed in new version. Even after doing so many changes, I am not able to run this program. Can you help me James ???"

I am currently modifying the the code to JavaFX SDK 1.0 and will post the code soon.

Jim Weaver

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