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August 06, 2008



I'm using Java FX fol long time. Very useful software

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It wasn't long after job boards were "invented" that someone thought of the concept of job scraping. If you can't get enough vacancies posted on your site why not simply "copy" them from elsewhere, thus giving the impression of a busy job board. Some job boards do this covertly and jobseekers may not even be aware the job was originally posted elsewhere, whereas for other job boards this is their clear business model (including to a certain extent the job search engine sites like clickajob).

However, when a site scrapes your vacancies, adds additional (and untrue) information and then refuses to remove them it's got to be pretty annoying.

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Clockwise from upper left (readers, thanks for providing correct names!): kuih apam, kuih kosui, kueh lapis, kuih seri muka (a cake of glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk, topped with a pandan layer), onde onde (Dave's fave - steamed pandan flavored glutinous rice flour balls with a semi-liquid filling of palm sugar, rolled in grated coconut), a "sandwich" of pulut tai tai (coconut and glutinous rice flour cakes that traditionally get their blue hue from a dye obtained from dried bunga telang, or butterfly pea flowers) with a kaya (rich coconut and egg "jam") filling, a coconuty kueh with a wrinkly "burnt" topping of palm sugar, and kueh talam (a layer of rice and green pea flour flavored with pandan topped with a layer of rice flour and coconut cream).

This was not a typical weekend, but I think it's pretty obvious that I am no longer master of my sweet tooth. I may require detox.

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There is a inescapable beauty and attraction to the sweet, bizarre music created by Lindsay Powell as Cake Bake Betty. This multi-instrumentalist originally from New Jersey, now resides in Chicago via Nashville and is part of the Infinity Cat collective, the micro-label created by Jake and Jamin Orrall, who also now live in Chicago and perform as JEFF. (Factoid: Jamin was the original drummer of Be Your Own Pet.) If we're lucky, the boys will be backing up Lindsay for her set at Subterranean this Saturday, when she peforms as a part of Bandwidth. More after the jump!!

Lindsay is currently working on recording the follow-up album to her 2006 release Songs About Teeth, which not only delivers what it promises "teeth songs", it is also filled with sad and delightful tracks about desperation, hope, spines, and cannibals. At the heart and soul of this album is Lindsay's piano playing and elegant voice (think Regina Spektor), which she is not afraid of pushing to the limits, but with the help of some friends on cello, violin, mandolin, and drums the captivating sound of Songs About Teeth is achieved. She is armed to the teeth with an arsenal of quirky pop songs chock full of imaginative lyrics that we surely make you smile and squirm.

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