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October 26, 2008



How can i get the latest version of the compiler?

Mark Nankman

I can't wait for the release! I am currently playing with the preview release (I blogged about my efforts on http://blokmark.blogspot.com and referenced your own blog). That release seems to miss some classes in the javafx.ui packages. I keep running into JavaFX examples that use classes from these packages, such as the Scrollpane. Do you know if the 1.0 release will have some classes there?


Can JavaFX be used headless (no GUI?). It would be just like any other scripting language. Or do you need the usual 'main' from a java class and hack your way to the fx script?


1. var keyword look like ECMA Script. This is good idea because maybe ActionScript/JavaScript developers start to use JavaFX.
2. Does def works like final or like C/Cpp preprocossor #DEFINE?

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