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December 19, 2008


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I'm facing a problem similar to Vaibhav. If I save the earthrise.jpg file under the compiled folder in my project directory & use url: "{__DIR__}earthrise.jpg" it works just fine. If I use url: "http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/54427main_MM_image_feature_102_jw4.jpg" or url: "http://projavafx.com/images/earthrise.jpg"
it just doesnt work. Surprising enough, the .mid file on the projavafx website opens & plays so it cant be a connectivity issue. I've tested using both Standard Execution & Webstart. I use IE 6 and XP SP2.

Account Deleted

sorry for the late reply , although I follow your blog butit's really easy to miss these replies , sorry again,
and now your question
I am using Firefox in Windows Vista

Jim Weaver

"The image is not loading inside netbeans , even if I run application in browser , however it runs fine through webstart by asking permission to connect, I am running this example as given in your book, is there any fix to avoid this"

vaibhav mishra,

What browser / OS are you using?
Jim Weaver

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