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January 04, 2009



Thanks James for the awesome example, i'm just start with javafx and i want to make an aplication like your example, i want to make to pres a button and display iage gallery second button animation, third button videoplayer but i don know how to do that do :| have you maby a tutorial or exapmle how to make it, i will be greatfull Thanks


Thanks James for this post,

I have a problem when i try to run your example
with a MigLayout component from the jfxtras project, i have the following error "java.lang.stackoverflowerror..."
do you have any idea why the deck node generate this error;

thanks a lot for your help.


sorry James, forget my last post :(


Thanks James for your great work !
Could you explain us the role of DeckNode::backgroundNode ?
I do not catch it and it is not used. In its definition, I don't see anything that ensure it will be placed and shown as the "background" ?



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