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January 07, 2009


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where can I find the code of this example?


As an experiment one should take a page that uses a normal amount of ads from a popular site. Take the content and make simple placeholder JavaFX/Java applets and replace all the flash ads with those.

And then load the page and see what the difference really is.

A page like that should be made by Sun even, and they should make two versions, one that uses flash, and one that uses Java.

After that, just get the hands dirty optimizing the Java version till it's about as fast as the flash one.

Maybe there's too much prestige for Sun to do something like this publically, I don't know.

Regards, Tommy


- sorry for this not so nice comment but we have to face it -
Even today with 1.6 update 11, the startup time is still much longer than flash player. This is especially a problem when you program applets (can't the just change the horrible name...?) eather from java-Swing or javaFx perpective.

I think JavaFx and java Web service applets can still not be popular among developers with this slow startup.
Sun has to continue to put all of its energie with this dramatic issue.

I mean java 1.6 update 11 wath a "releaf update". It was necessary for javaFx release I think (or javaFx would have been just a joke comparing to Flash ot other rich client technology).

Now if Sun could give us a "wonderfully-fast-startup-jvm-like-Flash-does", perhaps the java client side java-Swing and java-javaFx could be successfull.
bur not before I believe. We hava to face it.
I decided yesterday to stop learning javaFx because of this.


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