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February 02, 2009


Qin Ding

James: I started learning javafx and bought your book Pro JavaFX Platform and your blog on migLayout. Now I start writing my first javafx application.
I have a question on miglayout I have a stack of images in migNode sequence created in a list of migNode().
I need to push a certain image to the front automatically. I am thinking to have a timeline and go through a migNode
sequence to flip the images in each node one by one until the pause button is pressed. However, I have a difficult time to
(1) bind the list of images to the migNode() and (2) lookup the MigNode sequence, although I have a id.

var nodes = scene.lookup("migNodes") as MigNode[];
No matter how I do, nodes are always null. How should I retrive this sequence?

content: MigLayout {
id: "migNodes"
constraints: "fill, wrap 7"
rows: "[]2[]"
columns: "[]2[]"
content: bind [
migNode(createImageViewStack(gameImageGroupModels[0]), ""),
migNode(createImageViewStack(gameImageGroupModels[1]), ""),
migNode(createImageViewStack(gameImageGroupModels[2]), ""),

Could you give some suggestions, pointers or any advice? I appreciate it very much.


Hi Jim,

I'm trying out the MigLayout with my mobile app,
But I keep getting an error if I choose to run my app in the mobile emulator...
Is it true than JFXtras is not yet supported for mobile apps?

this is the error I get, when I try to run my app:
Error preverifying class org.jfxtras.async.ObjectSwingWorker
java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: javax/swing/SwingWorker
ERROR: preverify execution failed, exit code: 1

Thanks in advance!



I can't launch the demos, I receive an error.


So what would you propose to do, if I take over the border layout example from your example and I need to adjust an image laying in the north panel to fill always the north panel when resizing?

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