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February 02, 2009



Thanks Dean, it worked! I appreciate your direction!!


Thanks Dean, it works now! I appreciate your direction!!

Dean Iverson


There is a link in the last paragraph of the article to the bug tracker for the JFXtras project. That is where all bug reports should go.

It is easy to get yourself into an infinite binding loop when you bind the bounds of a child node, whether it's a Rectangle or a MigLayout, to the bounds of it's group. It happens because the final bounds of the node may be slightly larger than the width/height you specify. So the Group expands to accommodate the node, which triggers the node to expand, which expands the Group again, and away you go.



Sorry about the last comment, I think this is exactly the problem you mentioned. Using the Group with fitParent together causes problems. However, the MigLayout is really promising.

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