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March 20, 2009


Ville Määttä

Seam integration, JavaFX as a view tech for Seam backend.

Ghadi Shayban

I bought your alpha book, and I'm going through it now. I would love to see something covered about performance, specifically

1. Minimizing CPU % usage
2. Startup/animation performance

I think #2 will get much better in version 1.5 and later, but it is very interesting for people who are trying to build larger clients. And #1 is critical for mobile/netbook users, where power consumption is key.


What I would love to see in the future is how to write a "real world" application. By this I do not mean a fancy GUI, you are doing a good job of covering this already, but rather more of the low level plumbing. Many RIAs require authentication, how would I do this in JavaFX? Please include some basic server code using for example JAX-RS. How do I use JAX-RS client libraries in JavaFX or is this not necessary as JavaFX APIs suffice? Examples of using RESTful client APIs. Some examples of how different Applets interact and interact with the DOM of the webpage. Use of more sophisticated widgets such as JTable etc. to build *business* JavaFX applets.
Thank you for a great blog!


I am really looking for designing atractive UI using JavaFX. How can we use Layout in JavafX. IS all the custom components that we are creating in javafx are quality one. what are the basic things that we should look while we design any custom component(example if we create custom component in swing atleast we should override getMaximumSize(), etc).

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