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March 20, 2009



Tips & Tricks & Tutorials: This is already well covered

Pick of the week type showcases that demonstrate what JavaFX can do.

News + Rumors. When is Linux support and better tools coming? What's coming in FX 1.5? Which problem spots are being improved...

Interviews with key technical people.

One JavaFX wishlist: better video player. Right now, Flash has the best video playback and Windows Media is second, but both of those have tons of annoying glitches when it comes to full-screen mode, pause&skip controls, stalled downloads, close/cancel functionality, and cross platform support..


I think tips&tricks would be nice to have. Rumors aren't so wanted, but news are.

Pedro Duque Vieira

- How to make your graphics more visually appealing.
- JavaFX effects applied to vector graphics. What the various parameters of those effects do.
- Javafx and Java integration tutorials.



It would be good to learn more about creating custom nodes. Specifically addressing areas like drawing complex graphic objects where the container may be a node but Java 2D is still used internally to render decorations inside a containing node. This is the whole issue of the balance between retained and immediate rendering models. Also some more on what the effect of having a large number of these nodes may be, in performance as well as memory... as an example of such graphic complexity music notation is one domain where having more knowledge of how to balance JavaFX and Java 2D to create elaborate scenes would be helpful.

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