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June 22, 2009


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Someone out there has got to know and have more experience with this than I do. I've looked all over the net and keep coming up with the same answer. Yeah, I know, Koi. We're kind of bored with the same old look though. We'd like to know what fish we can add to our fish/garden pond. Fish that can live outdoors and with Koi. Fish with color. Not plane old pond fish. Something with yellow would be great. Please Help!

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I am thinking of buying a couple of fish, and I need different names so I can look them up online and see if they are cool enough for me. I want a red fish, a blue fish with black stripes.The fish must be freshwater, not need alot of care (Like a goldfish) and not be expensive.They can't be something that will die easily or something that is aggressive and eats other fish.

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I looked at all the glasses, but none seem to match your description.
(Your description was very good, by the way - I understood it!) :-)

If you can't locate the ones you want, you could try contacting the
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hi i am shiva. i am new to javafx.

i have a doubt. whether can we edit a sequence within timeline keyframe values.

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