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June 19, 2009


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An awesome news!!!!
i mean, it's great when you get the good news, always make you comfortable know that kind of stuff, no matter what it is, a good news make your day, otherwise, nobody wants to get a bad news, those are terrible, obviously, anyway, nice blog, i'll keep on touch, i like the way you write things!!!

Bill Robertson

I almost wrote an rss reader in JavaFX 1.1 for practice. Glad I picked Twitter instead.

On a more serious note, the stock ticker were actually invented by little grey aliens. The same ones that built the pyramids and invented the burrito.

Steve Sobczak

Thanks a million, Jim! I just finished downloading all of the eBook your little contest blessed me with and I plan on getting into it tonight. I've been working with JavaFX for months and have been crying for a book to come along like this. Your blog has helped a lot, too!

Jim Weaver

Congratulations to both Steve and Warren for winning the Pro JavaFX early access eBook!

Jim Weaver

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