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September 10, 2009



Thank you very much for your prompt and early response.
Now after taking your code and implementing, I ended up in a wierd situation. Below is the problem description. Could you pls help me out ?

I included the code in the Main.fx on mouse right click event and also included the popup in the stage and I was able to see the popup menu.
Now, I created a separate class exclusively for popup menu included the code in a method(createPopup). When I invoke this method from a different method, I couldn't see the popup.
I tried returning the popup menu from the createPopup() method to the method that invokes it also finally to the Main class but in vain.

could you please help how to achieve the popup when invoked from a different method ?

Thanks a billion ton in advance.

James Weaver

"can u please help me out or can share a piece of code for this functionality?"


The SpeedReaderFX program is a sample in the JFXtras open source project (http://jfxtras.org). The SVN checkout command is:

svn checkout http://jfxtras.googlecode.com/svn/jfxtras.samples/trunk/ jfxtras-read-only


When i right-click on the SpeedReaderFX , i get one popup menu having hide this feed... etc. I also want to include this menu in my project if i click on the rectangles. Can u please help me how to make this popup menu?? I used jfxtras's NativePopupMenu class, but when i right click one applet also gets open. i need only the menu on right click. can u please help me out or can share a piece of code for this fuctionality?


I Like the application.
One small critisize : To have a better look (more cool à la iphone look, if I can say) I believe it is good to put rounded corners to images. Small thing to do I suppose but really adds something to look and feel.
By the way I also like the new image on top of the blog.

PS: Of course "look & feel" perception by the user is, after development productivity ... the second best thing javaFx has over Swing. Let's us not forget it.

Thanks for the nice blog.

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