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December 03, 2009


R Casey

I am very excited that attention is returning to Enterprise staples such as the TreeView and TableView. This is very necessary for utility applications and JavaFX can be a great environment for developing such user interfaces. I anxiously await news of when 1.3 will be released.


ok. its all coming... but why is there no serious information from sun. at least a timetable. whats their problem to give the people information about future plans. of course!! 1.3 is coming. but when? yeah... the stuff with asterisk will come... but when comes 1.3 again? all this things should already be available. no table control? hm... juhuu! what are they doing all the time? it s good work made from the guys from the jfxtras-project and peter pilgrim but that should be the part of sun! promises promises like "authoring tool comes till the end of the year"? no information about that too yet. no information no information no information... o and the this new gui tool as well within netbeans 6.8. come on - rc 2 is there. ups, did they forget it too. we are so stupid. good strategy sun!

RIA Lover

JavaFX is so dead.

Pedro Duque Vieira

I don't understand why Sun doesn't make this revelations to the general public and chooses a private conference that only a small percentage of people can attend.
Does any one know a way to view the video online for free?

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