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December 21, 2009


Vance Turnewitsch

Hi Jim,
Thanks for lifting the requirement for a team of two.
Hope you get lots of great apps,

James Weaver


Yes, mocking some of the data is fine. I do ask that the application has a well-defined model, and that the mocked data resides in/behind the model.

Jim Weaver

Peter Miklos

Hi Jim,

Taking a look at your speedreader I am wondering if you accept only fully functional applications or a prototype of an application is also acceptable? I mean, may I mock some part of the application just to show how it would behave? For example, I would just render an eye candy mock list of friends without connecting to any real social network. Of course, all the effects, layout and custom widgets would be implemented in JavaFx except the data behind them.

Best regards,

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