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August 13, 2012



One more thing. My only complaint with JavaFX web integration is it's lack of WebGL support. There are some slick visualizations and frameworks such as Processing.js I can't integrate with due to this limitation.


I agree, JavaFX is ready for prime time GUI development. I've also been writing extract-transform-visualize software using JavaFX and HTML5 technologies for the graphical stuff. Compiled code is a combination of Groovy, Scala and Java with Jython and Groovy serving as a programmable framework used internally for data processing.

The project is called Dex or Data EXplorer and it is designed to be an extensible framework for the scientist and layman alike to design models and solutions to a wide variety of problems.

If anyone wants to check it out, visit:




The release which is out there is a couple of months old and I've got a new release ready to go but unfortunately I tied into the beta release and I am waiting for it to be co-bundled with a JDK before I can release it.

- Pat


Please keep in mind that JavaFX is still not out for Linux :-/

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